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GeForce GTX 960 and After Effects Ray Traced 3D and CUDA (not) working

Well, I bought a new MSI GeForce GTX 960 not only for Gaming, but for Video Editing as well.
I thought that a GeForce GTX 960 should do the trick as it is expensive enough in my opinion and as I am not doing professional high end video editing
it should give me enough of a boost compared to my old GeForce card.

So I installed the new card and started up some games which would work way better than before.

Glad to see, so the only thing left to check was After Effects:
Opened it up, checked preferences and to my surprise it said „unsupported card“…
I checked the option to use an unsupported card, threw some drone video in and hit it with a 3D Tracker…
The result was some errors starting with Initial shader compile failed. (5070::0)

Great job — I bought a card that would NOT work with After Effects, as being stated in this article.

But luckily, after I updated to After Effects CC 13.6 it WOULD WORK!

So people : If you are running into these problems, just update to the new After Effects version and you should be fine!

In the Adobe Change Log it says : „The OptiX library from Nvidia is being updated on Windows, which adds the ability for Maxwell-architecture GPUs (e.g., GTX 970, GTX 980) to be used for the ray-traced 3D renderer on Windows.“
Check it here under „miscellaneous new and changed features“.