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Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3

The Windows 10 Update is now available and as I  signed for the update with several of my PCs I checked this morning.

On my Laptop the Update Tool said, that there is no info that it´ll run on this machine, so it was recommended to wait for it.

But on the Surface Pro 3 the message said, that it had been download and verified to run on that machine and I could start the update.

As I just made an image of the SSD yesterday, so I had a backup of the old system if things would crash, I gave it a try.

After hitting the Update button it took less than half an hour (I think) and Windows 10 was up and running.

Most of the software I commonly use seems to run well by now, but I did not try everything and as most of my software on the Tablet is from Adobe and they released updates yesterday (probably for full Win10 compatibility) this is no big wonder.

However there might be some updates of problems wihtin the next days, when I tried everything.

The Surface Pro 3 seems to run Win 10 pretty well, which you should be allowed to expect, as this is one of the first Microsoft Hardware devices. So you can bet they will make the new Windows run flawlessly on these things.

If you detach or flip back the type cover Windows does ask you now if it should switch to tablet mode, which can be a nice thing, but I chose to switch to tablet mode manually as I still make heavy use of the regular desktop and now again of the start menu which came back with Windows 10.

The tablet mode says, that touch input will be better in this one and I think I even noticed a better performance of the Surface Pen in tablet mode. Don´t know if that really has something to do with it.

Anyhow – right now Windows 10 on the Surface Pro 3 is a good update in comparison to Windows 8.1 – and I hope that my opinion won´t change by unexpected bugs or other difficulties.

But my laptop that I use for my professional work, will continue running Win 8.1 for quite a while I guess, as I do not wanna destroy my workingspace.

Will try Win 10 in a Virtual Machine there 😉