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The Lexus Hoverboard has arrived

The Lexus Hoverboard has arrived and when I watched the video all my expectations have been fulfilled.

It does NOT look like fun , cause it seems to float to the sides and the guys riding it (who seem to be at least good, if not professional skateboarders) have some real problems to just keep balance and stay on track.



When I read about it I found out, that this skatepark, that looks like a regular modern world skatepark had to be modified with metal underneath the concrete to make the hoverboard work – and that´s what makes it worse:

With a skateboard you have the opportunity to skate almost everything in this world and that´s what the hoverboards idea acutally was – skate every ground no matter if it´s concrete or water, sand or an acre. In my opinion technology is still not that far and it´ll be some years until a product like this will be suitable for consumers.

Gravity is still better defeated with a real skateboard (in the good or the bad way) and that´s what I´m staying with – a real skateboard!





As I just noticed from watching the commercial for the Hoverboard it does not seem to be much fun to people actually trying it as well.

But judge for yourself: