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Surface Pro 3 Jagged Line problems – solved or fixed

If you own a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 you will be having run into the problem of jagged lines if you do not use software that has built in line smoothing like Flash or Illustrator.

I´ve been searching for a fix for quite some time when I started drawing in Photoshop because I am a „slow painter“ (at least when I draw digitally) and this is when you get the jagged lines.

It really gets frustrating pretty quickly when you start drawing with the hope of being digitally supported and in fact get the feeling that you are digitally distorted.


All the lines seem crappy and you can bet I can draw smoother lines with my mouse than with my Surface Pro 3 pen.

I found the solution a few days ago .

It is called „Lazy Nezumi“ costs about 35$ (32€) and you can get it there:

There is also a 30 day trial – but I bought it yesterday after having used the Trial only 5 days or so because I directly thought it was worth it.

When painting you get a little lag of the stroke but this doesn´t matter as there is a helper line that visualizes your acutal path which does keep the natural feeling of drawing with a pen.

Lazy Nazumi does even out pen pressure, too which I noticed when wondering why the line variation looked so clean.


I never had that experience of thinking that my pen pressure hab correctly been understood by the hard-/software – neither on a Wacom Cintiq nor on my Samsung Galaxy Tab (which I sold both to get the Surface Pro 3) nor on my Surface before.

I usually draw with pencils on paper and that software does make drawing digitally a little more natural.

Something else I need to say:

When I bought the pro license I did not receive the email with the xml-license file, so I had to write to the support and the developer responded to me almost directly with the license file attached, which was really cool. Great support I´d say.


If you are annoyed by these jagged line work on your Surface Pro 3, just get Lazy Nezumi – it´ll help.