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New Commercial for my VibeMaster Vibration Massage App

I decided to do a little marketing for my fun Android App VibeMaster.

It actually did turn out pretty well, I think.. but decide for yourself 😉

VibeMaster kostenlose Vibrator App für Android
VibeMaster ist eine kostenlose Vibrator App für Android Smartphones die auch bei ausgeschaltetem Bildschirm vibiriert! Stufenlos regelbare Vibration.
3.5 based on 99 reviews

Vibemaster Vibrator Massage App


This was my first attempt to build an app for android.

I made this about a week after I got my first smartphone (a Samsung Galaxy Y – really crappy thing).

The idea was that I would write an my first smartphone app and get it into the Google Playstore as quickly as possible. So on one Sunday morning I sat down and played around with Phonegap  and chose to try the vibration first as it only was one command to execute.

When it worked instantly it came to my mind, that this already was a fully featured vibrator app (not the first one at this moment, so I was not the only one having that thought).

So I found a name, made a Logo, opened a Google Play Developer Account and uploaded it. The next day I had my first app online.

Because it actually didn´t work that well (vibration stopped when the screen went into sleep mode) and there was nothing to do about it using phonegap, I recoded it natively in Java after making the first native app for a client, because now I had the skills to natively recode it.

Well, I still have some feature/improvment plans, but as it is a fun-only project, it might take some time until i´ll really do that.

Until then, you can get it at the Google Playstore there:

Android app on Google Play

I wouldn´t mind a 5 stars rating for it, so don´t hesitate to give me some stars 😉